MyCareerMatch is a dynamic higher education marketing 
and engagement tool that attracts more students, builds relationships and increases enrolments. 


Specialists in student engagement, marketing and recruitment


Increasingly, university marketers are adopting communication strategies based on individual students’ preferences and behaviours. In an age where students want personalised content, MyCareerMatch is your marketing partner for domestic and international student recruitment.

Specialists in student engagement, marketing and recruitment


Students love MyCareerMatch because it’s all about them. Students are matched to ‘best fit’ careers and the courses that you offer. You become the trusted brand in your market, inspiring future students to study with you.

Specialists in student engagement, marketing and recruitment


MyCareerMatch also engages with parents who see it as a careers conversation starter. Studies show the earlier parents engage with their children about what they’ll do when they leave school, the better the outcome.

Become the hero brand in your market…engage and inspire future students to study with you. 


In an industry bursting at the seams with competing institutes trying to attract new students to the right courses, MyCareerMatch offers educational institutes and marketers a very different opportunity. One that discovers the personality, strengths and aptitude of each student, and through this engagement, enthuses and motivates them in a way not possible with most outreach or attraction work. 

 MyCareerMatch will help you:  

Build key relationships with schools in your catchment area and internationally 
Match student strengths and abilities to careers and courses you offer 
Make a significant impact on student outcomes and success 

Encourage course diversification and ‘right student, right course’ 
Dramatically drive down your cost per student acquisition 
Reach recruitment targets and improve retention 


Our mission is to be your first-choice global partner to deliver outstanding recruitment outcomes


MyCareerMatch is used by over 1400 universities, colleges and schools in over 15 countries. The unique software platform allows you to engage with future students in a number of ways … visits to catchment area feeder schools; social media campaigns; open days; special events such as education fairs; international agents; and with students who enquire directly on your website. After answering a short survey which is branded for your university, MyCareerMatch delivers personalised and targeted information to each student about their career and study options, including personality type, natural strengths, ‘best fit’ careers, study tips and the courses you offer. 

Students love MyCareerMatch… it’s personal and it’s all about them! And you collect thousands of highly motivated future students leads to nurture and communicate with.

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